Realme and Vivo Face Challenges in German Market Amid Nokia Patent Lawsuit

Realme appears to be slowing down its operations in the German market due to a patent lawsuit filed by Nokia. According to Nextpit, the Realme Europe office claims that business in Germany has slowed down following the Nokia lawsuit and internal consultations. Although no clear withdrawal statement has been made, the outcome may be similar. Currently, Realme hopes for positive results from licensing negotiations with Nokia to continue their marketing efforts in Germany.

Vivo also announced the suspension of its sales in Germany in the past weeks. There is a noticeable decline on OPPO Germany’s official website as well. In the announcement on Vivo’s official German website, it states, “Unfortunately, Vivo products are currently not available in Germany. Therefore, there is no product information on our website in Germany.
Customers who are using Vivo products can have confidence in our customer service and can expect to receive software updates in the future.

A German court has ruled that OPPO infringed upon two relevant technology patents owned by Nokia. OPPO ceased paying royalty fees to Nokia in 2021 after the expiration of their contract. These patents cover Nokia’s 4G and 5G connectivity, as well as Wi-Fi scanning and security technologies.

Following these developments, it is expected that Realme will slow down its operations in Germany and follow in the footsteps of OPPO and Vivo. The future status of Realme phones in Germany remains uncertain.

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