Realme new smartphone could be on sale soon, Realme RMX3999 spotted on IMEI Database

Realme is working on a new smartphone. In the GSMA IMEI database, Realme RMX3999 has been clearly spotted and we have some thoughts that it will be on sale soon. While we don’t know the specifications of the smartphone yet, it is learned that it is being tested internally by Realme engineers. The smartphone manufacturer is known for its super mid-range smartphones and now that Realme RMX3999 has been spotted by our team, it hints at a new future. Full details are here!

Realme RMX3999 spotted on GSMA IMEI Database

Realme develops innovative, stylish and high-performance smartphones. Realme RMX3999 is expected to be a more improved product. The new model was spotted on the GSMA IMEI database and users were shocked. So what innovations will this smartphone bring? What can be expected from Realme RMX3999? Let’s take a look at the information provided to us in the GSMA IMEI Database!

Realme is testing a new model with the model number RMX3999. Unfortunately, we don’t know the specifications of the smartphone and we don’t have any information on when it will be sold. However, Realme has accelerated its work on the RMX3999. An official announcement is expected for the new model. As GSMChina team, we are realizing a first in the world. When we have new information about Realme RMX3999, we will inform you.

Source: GSMChina

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