Red Magic 8S Pro to Feature Redcore R2 Gaming Chip and Support Wi-Fi 7!

The gaming world is brimming with innovative devices as technology continues to advance. According to recent announcements, the Red Magic 8S Pro gaming phone will come equipped with a range of impressive features that will provide users with an extraordinary experience. The self-developed Redcore R2 gaming chip by Red Magic and support for Wi-Fi 7 are among the standout features that will set this device apart from its competitors.

Hardware Features of the Red Magic 8S Pro

The Red Magic 8S Pro series introduces several innovations compared to its predecessors. Firstly, it boasts the world’s first 24GB storage capacity, which is sure to impress.

Additionally, equipped with the second-generation Snapdragon 8 flagship edition (CPU ultra-wide core frequency of 3.36 GHz), this phone will deliver top-tier gaming performance.

Visual and Audio Quality

The Red Magic 8S Pro offers a range of features to enhance the gaming experience even further. With its RGB lighting effects and visual fan design, the phone will have an aesthetically appealing appearance.

Moreover, featuring a fourth-generation UDC full-scale ultra-competitive display, this device ensures games are displayed in a realistic and vibrant manner. The magical sound super-linear stereo speakers will allow for immersive audio, delivering an incredible sound experience to users.

Large Battery Capacity and Fast Charging Feature

The Red Magic 8S Pro comes with a built-in 6000mAh super large battery to withstand long gaming sessions. Additionally, it supports 165W fast charging, enabling the phone to charge quickly. These features allow users to enjoy uninterrupted gaming experiences.


The Red Magic 8S Pro is an innovative gaming phone designed for gaming enthusiasts. Its self-developed Redcore R2 gaming chip and Wi-Fi 7 support are specifically tailored to maximize gaming performance. The large battery capacity, fast charging, and improvements in visual and audio quality make this phone highly influential in the gaming world. Stay tuned for more information on the Red Magic 8S Pro series, which will be revealed at the conference on July 5th. Gaming enthusiasts eagerly await the exciting features this groundbreaking phone will offer.

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