Xiaomi seems to be working on all-new Redmi Pad SE 8.7 4G

Xiaomi has expanded its branding through multiple products pretty well. One of the successful iterations is the Xiaomi Pad and Redmi Pad tablets. The products did a commendable job in the market and gained popularity quickly. The tech firm is now working to launch a new budget-oriented tablet that might be termed Redmi Pad SE 8.7 4G.

Redmi Pad SE 8.7 4G is in the works!

As per the report, the Redmi Pad SE 8.7 is going to be launched as a successor to the Redmi Pad SE. It will not have many hardware changes. But thankfully, the successor will get the support for the 4G VOLTE network that was absent in the predecessor. Users will be able to use the internet by inserting the SIM card directly into the gadget. This will eliminate the reliance on other devices for the internet.

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Further, one interesting change is going to be the display size. The Redmi Pad SE 8.7 will have an 8.7-inch display as compared to the 11-inch on the original Pad SE. So this is the reason why it is named like this. Anyway, Xiaomi wanted to provide cheaper offerings to its customers and hence it developed the Pad SE 8.7.

Redmi Pad SE 8.7

As per the IMEI database, the Redmi Pad SE 8.7 will have two different model numbers. One will be 24076RP19G and the other one will be 24076RP19I. The model numbers also reveal something interesting. The alphabet “G” and “I” at the end of it represent the Global and Indian variants respectively.

So this is a confirmation that Redmi Pad SE 8.7 will be available in Global and Indian markets. It might not launch in mainland China as no Chinese variant has been spotted till now. But things can easily change in the future so take the information with a pinch of salt. We will have to wait till any official teaser or confirmation to comment on the product.

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