Samsung and SK Hynix work together to reduce whopping 30% power consumption of storage units.

According to a blog post in the ACM Digital Library, SK Hynix and Samsung are collaborating on an effort to decrease the electrical power consumption of DRAM. The efficient functioning of memory units used in various electronic devices like GPUs, SSDs, and others is highly significant.

It’s very basic but still worth mentioning that the electronic devices can have a longer battery life with the components working more efficiently. Seoul National University has previously introduced DRAM Translation Layer technology, which claims to reduce DRAM power consumption by 31.6%.

Samsung is presently working together with Seoul University and has successfully manufactured 12 GB of DDR6 DRAM using the 5nm manufacturing process. This new DRAM consumes 23% less power compared to the previous generation.

According to the blog post shared on ACM Digital Library, reducing the power consumed by DRAM by 31.6% allows DRAMs to operate with only a 1.6% performance cost. That’s quite exciting it features very minor performance drop but a huge efficiency. On the other hand, SK Hynix’s new LPDDR5X RAM is 33% faster and consumes 20% less power.

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