Samsung and Xiaomi phones hacked in public, both brands not safe as you think

Pwn2Own 2023 hacker contest began on October 25th and the hackers managed to make Samsung phones and Xiaomi phones hacked. The competition is ongoing in Toronto, Canada where hackers have the chance to win cash prizes and Master of Pwn points by uncovering vulnerabilities in devices. It is worth noting that Samsung’s long-standing security system known as “Knoxhas not been particularly effective, as no hacker has yet discovered a vulnerability on Google Pixel 7, despite Galaxy S23 being hacked in the first day of the competition.

Hackers can modify an application on the phone to execute any command they want when the phone is locked and can even cause the data on the phone to be stolen. On the first day of the hacking competition, Galaxy S23 was hacked twice, with Pentest Limited team achieving the initial successful breach, earning them a $50,000 reward. Star Labs team also managed to hack Galaxy S23, resulting in a $25,000 prize for them.

NCC Group successfully hacked Xiaomi 13 Pro, giving them a $20,000 award. For now, iPhone 14 and Pixel 7 remain unaffected by the hackers’ attacks. This competition has actually showed that Samsung phones basically insecure as Xiaomi phones since both Samsung phones and Xiaomi phones hacked by the competitors.

Via: Zero Day Initiative

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