Samsung applies new tradermarks for their upcoming wearable devices, Samsung Circle is here.

Samsung has recently made a significant move in the world of intellectual property by filing three new trademark applications with the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO). The trademarks consist of the “Samsung Circle,” “Samsung Index,” and “Samsung Insight.” These trademarks reveal that Samsung might work on the development of new smart wearable devices or accessories, including items like “smart rings”, smart bracelets, smart glasses, or even VR headsets.

Samsung’s new trademarks – Samsung Circle

According to the details provided in the trademark application, Samsung intends to utilize these trademarks for their upcoming line of products, which may include “wearable computers”, smart rings, smart watches, and smartphones. However, the application does not provide specific details about the appearance or features of these upcoming products.

Samsung has already taken steps to secure trademarks for “Galaxy Glasses” and “Galaxy Ring,” hinting at the possibility of future releases in the form of smart glasses and rings. In fact, industry observers speculate that Samsung may even introduce a mixed reality headset, similar to Apple’s Vision Pro, to further establish their presence in the market.

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