Samsung Galaxy S24 series codenames revealed

Technology enthusiasts and smartphone aficionados are eagerly awaiting the release of Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series, scheduled to launch early next year. Recent reports from foreign technology media outlet SamMobile have revealed that the internal code name for this highly anticipated smartphone lineup is “Muse.” The choice of this codename reflects Samsung’s inclination towards associating its flagship devices with powerful concepts and symbols. In the case of the Galaxy S24 series, it seems that Samsung is paying homage to creativity, contemplation, and inspiration.

Drawing inspiration from Greek mythology, Samsung has assigned the codename “Muse” to the Galaxy S24 series. In Greek mythology, the Muses were goddesses who personified various arts and sciences. They were believed to be the sources of inspiration for artists, writers, and creatives. By adopting the codename “Muse” for its upcoming flagship smartphones, Samsung hints at its intention to deliver a device that sparks the imagination and empowers users to explore new realms of creativity.

The “Muse” codename carries significant meaning and implications. In its most literal sense, it denotes thinking and contemplation, aligning with the process of gathering thoughts and ideas. Moreover, it extends its connotation to encompass meditation and deep reflection, emphasizing the importance of finding inspiration and fostering creativity. This codename choice indicates that Samsung aims to provide users with a device that not only meets their practical needs but also serves as a tool for ideation, expression, and innovation.

Within the Galaxy S24 series, Samsung is expected to introduce three models, each assigned its own Muse-inspired codename. The flagship device, Galaxy S24 Ultra, is referred to as “Muse3,” emphasizing its position at the top of the lineup. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ are respectively code-named “Muse1” and “Muse2,” signifying their status as powerful devices in their own right.

The selection of codenames for Samsung’s flagship smartphones has become somewhat of a tradition. In the past, the Galaxy S20 series was internally codenamed “Hubble,” drawing a parallel to the famous Hubble Space Telescope and suggesting a focus on capturing stunning imagery. The Galaxy S21 series, codenamed “Unbound,” represented a sense of freedom and liberation, alluding to the devices’ ability to break boundaries and unleash users’ potential. The Galaxy S22 series, internally referred to as “Rainbow,” hinted at a vibrant and diverse offering, potentially featuring a broad range of colors and features. Lastly, the Galaxy S23 series, with its codename “Diamond,” suggested a focus on refinement and brilliance.

Rumors had circulated earlier that Samsung might discontinue the Galaxy S24+ variant, but recent reports suggest that this is unlikely to occur. Samsung seems committed to providing a comprehensive lineup within the Galaxy S24 series, ensuring that users have a variety of options to choose from based on their preferences and needs.

As the launch date of the Galaxy S24 series approaches, Samsung fans and tech enthusiasts eagerly await further details about the features, specifications, and design elements of these smartphones. The codename “Muse” sets a promising tone for Samsung’s upcoming flagship lineup, hinting at a device that inspires and enables users to push the boundaries of their creativity. With the “Muse” series, Samsung seeks to captivate its users with a fusion of innovative technology and the transformative power of imagination.

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