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Samsung is working on new 50MP GN sensor to rival the 1-inch camera sensors

Samsung is reportedly developing a new camera sensor for smartphones that is smaller in size than a 1-inch sensor but is expected to provide similar or even better image quality. This new sensor is expected to improve the camera performance of Android smartphones, making them more competitive in the market. Despite being smaller in size, the new sensor is expected to produce high-quality images, which could potentially go toe to toe with the larger camera sensors.

Samsung to launch a new 50-megapixel sensor dubbed as “GN”

A new report shared by IT Homes claims that Samsung is working on a new camera sensor that would launch in the market as “GN” name or maybe it’s going to be part of their new series of sensors. The sensor will boast a pixel resolution of 50-megapixel with each pixel measuring 1.0μm.

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The upcoming GN camera sensor by Samsung will have a sensor size of 1/1.57-inch. The report also claims that it can give output similar to Samsung’s own HP2 which is going to be a 1-inch camera sensor. The ISOCELL GN is smaller than HP2 in both the sensor size and pixel resolution, but these bold claims make us intrigued to see how they will be able to achieve the results.

The upcoming GN sensor will use an upgraded auto-focus module and inter-pixel cross-talk function so that it can give the best possible results. This sensor will be first used by Galaxy Z Fold 8 smartphone which will reportedly launch in the year 2025.

Keeping aside the hardware specs for a while, the claim made here looks very bold and confident. We are seriously hoping that Samsung will be able to fulfill this claim in the future. We still have a long way to go until 2025, and until then, we can look forward to the launch of the upcoming 432-megapixel camera sensor.

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