Samsung’s Quick Share is no longer exclusive to Samsung laptops, works on all Windows devices.

Quick Share which so far only works on Samsung devices, will now be compatible not only with Samsung laptops but also with computers made by other brands. Samsung’s wireless file transfer app, Quick Share’s Windows version gets a new update (v1.4.40) making it possible to use across all Windows devices.

Samsung Quick Share on all Windows laptops / devices

Google has unveiled a beta version of Nearby Share specifically designed for Windows a few weeks ago and Samsung’s wireless file sharing application, Quick Share comes with a striking resemblance to Google’s Nearby Share.

Quick Share is actually not a new application, it has been available on Samsung Android devices and Samsung laptops for a long time, but now it will work on all Windows devices with Samsung’s newly released update. However, it is important to note that not all Windows devices might not be compatible, as outlined in the update changelog released by Samsung.

Samsung Quick Share will only function if an Intel-branded Wi-Fi or Bluetooth card is present. This means that Windows devices equipped with MediaTek or Realtek Wi-Fi cards, for instance, will not be able to run this application. This limitation is not a big deal, considering that many people prefer Intel network cards. Furthermore, considering the compatibility of certain Intel cards with even the AMD processors.

For the new Quick Share app from Samsung, a minimum requirement is Windows 10 Version 2004 (19041) or a later version, along with an Intel Bluetooth driver version 22.50.02 or later, and an Intel Wi-Fi driver version 22.50.07 or later. Get the latest Samsung’s Quick Share app on Microsoft Store here.

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