Screen issue in the Samsung Galaxy S21 series making headlines!

The screen issue that emerged with the latest update continues to dominate the agenda. Users have reported encountering pink lines on their screens after the May update and express their discomfort with this situation.

Considering that a similar issue occurred with the Samsung Galaxy S20 series before, users are reacting with concern and frustration towards this recurring problem. Additionally, there are discussions about the potential hardware issues that the update may cause, leading to devices being out of warranty and requiring additional fees. There are reports that after experiencing this issue, a user was requested to pay $380 (2717 yuan) by Samsung for repairs.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Series Screen Issue

The Samsung Galaxy S21 series garnered significant interest among users due to its excellent camera system and stunning design. However, the screen issue that emerged with the latest update has cast a shadow of disappointment over the brand. Users noticed the appearance of pink lines on their screens after installing the update and shared this problem within the Samsung community. Furthermore, they reminded that a similar issue occurred with the Galaxy S20 series, and Samsung did not provide a solution for it.

Users are concerned that the hardware issues occurring after the update may result in their devices being out of warranty. It is being discussed that users whose devices are out of warranty may be required to pay additional fees, which can impose a significant financial burden. In such cases, users may face extra expenses to get their phones repaired.

For instance, one user mentioned that Samsung requested $380 (2717 yuan) from them due to the problem they experienced. This demand raises questions about Samsung’s approach to customer satisfaction. Users express that it is unfair to be compelled to make extra payments when they expect the manufacturer to address a problem occurring with their devices.

The screen issue in the Samsung Galaxy S21 series is causing significant disappointment among users. The appearance of pink lines and the potential hardware issues increase concerns about the negative impact on device performance and the possibility of unnecessary additional costs. It seems inevitable that this problem will negatively affect Samsung’s reputation and customer satisfaction. Users strongly emphasize the need for Samsung to take quick and effective steps to resolve the issues encountered after the update.

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