Smartphone and TWS shipments statistics for 2023 published by Canalys

Smartphone and TWS shipments statistics were published by Canalys recently. The global mobile phone market is experiencing a significant recession, while shipments of global personal smart audio devices (including TWS, wireless headphones, wireless neckbands) have recovered in the second quarter of 2023. Global smartphone shipments fell 10% to 258 million units, and the market recession is large. TWS headphone sales fell just 2% this quarter, with shipments reaching 95.68 million units.

Apple and Samsung are top two companies in Smartphone and TWS shipments

There is a recession in sales in the global mobile phone market, but there are significant developments on a brand basis. According to the latest data from market analysis agency Canalys, in the second quarter of 2023, the global smartphone market fell 10% year on year to 258 million units. On a brand basis, Samsung is at the top of the list with 53 million sales and 21% market share. Apple took second place with a 17% market share and sales of 43 million units.

Xiaomi continues to take the third place with a market share of 13% with 33.2 million units shipped, while OPPO is in the 4th place with a market share of 10%. New to this list, Transsion (Tecno, Infinix and iTel) ranked 5th with a 9% market share with 22.7 million shipments and an annual growth rate of 22%. Many people may not know much about Transsion, but it is actually a Chinese brand founded in Shenzhen. It has targeted foreign markets, especially African market.

Canalys also reports that true wireless headphones (TWS) account for the majority of the market, with TWS headset sales continuing to grow by 8% with shipments reaching 68.16 million units. In terms of brand rankings, Apple (including Beats) topped the list with a 26% share of total sales, up 2%. Apple is by far the world market leader in TWS headset sales. Samsung (in collaboration with Harman&Kardon and JBL) increased its total shipments by 3% and ranked 2nd with a 9% market share.

In 3rd place, boAt moved up to third place with a market share of 7%, an increase of 38% due to its outstanding performance. Xiaomi is in 4th place with a 5% market share globally and OPPO is in 5th place. Overall, Apple has completely crushed the other manufacturers and even the share of the other four companies is not worth Apple’s share. So it’s a bit difficult for these companies to catch Apple globally.

As a result, according to smartphone & TWS shipments statistics, Apple and Samsung are the two companies that are on the top. In the smartphone market, Samsung has no intention of leaving the top. In the TWS market, Apple is ahead by an overwhelming margin, unrivaled in this sector in the long run. So what do you think about this subject? Don’t forget to leave your views and other comments below and stay tuned to GSMChina for more.

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