Smartphone Shipments in India Samsung, vivo, and Xiaomi Lead the Market

According to a news article from May 29th, smartphone shipments in India during the first quarter of 2023 experienced an 18% year-on-year decline, totaling 30.7 million units, as per the latest report data from TechInsights WeChat. The report highlights that Samsung, vivo, and Xiaomi are the top players in the market, with market shares of 20%, 18%, and 17% respectively.

The report also reveals that offline distribution channels accounted for 57% of smartphone shipments in India during the first quarter of 2023. Mobile retailers, specifically multi-brand retail stores, surpassed a 15% share, marking the highest share in the segmented channel market for over 20 consecutive quarters. Smartphone manufacturers are increasingly aiming for direct control over distribution and are expected to expedite the process of opening high-end experience stores in tier-one cities in India.

Furthermore, e-commerce channels constituted 31% of smartphone shipments in India, maintaining their position as the largest sub-segment channel. Flipkart and Amazon continue to hold strong positions in e-commerce retail and distribution. It remains to be seen if online channels will further increase their momentum in the second half of 2023 and whether the advent of 5G will reshape the market, potentially causing shifts in distribution priorities for suppliers. Continued observation is required to assess these developments.

It is important to note that this information is based on the report data shared by TechInsights WeChat and reflects the dynamics of the smartphone market in India.

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