Transform your phone into a PSP with these accesories

Flagship smartphones on the market today can boast higher graphics performance than even handheld consoles like the Nintendo Switch. The smartphones we carry in our pockets at all hours of the day are in fact gaming beast. Since there are no hardware buttons or a D-pad that we can use when gaming on our smartphone, a good gaming experience is not possible. To prevent this, you need to buy accessories. Here are the best smartphone accessories that will enhance your gaming experience.

Backbone One Mobile Game Controller

Fully compatible with Apple and Android smartphones, the Backbone One will enhance your gaming experience with its ergonomic design and high-precision controls. This game controller, which you can always carry with you thanks to its compact design, has low latency values and will not cause you any difficulties when playing. It is powered by your smartphone’s USB-C port or the Lightning port for Apple devices, so you don’t need to charge it to use the Backbone One.

The Backbone One has a USB-C port so you can easily charge your smartphone while the controller is connected. On the other hand, there is a 3.5 mm headphone jack on the product, so you can equip your smartphone that does not have a built-in headphone jack with a 3.5 mm jack.

Black Shark FunCooler 3 Pro

While playing the game, your smartphone can reach high temperatures, and this may cause lag in the game. If the temperature inside the device rises, this can damage the battery and other hardware in the long term. To avoid this, you can use the Black Shark FunCooler 3 Pro. This product, which supplies the power required for its operation via your phone’s USB-C port, can reduce the temperature of your device by up to 30 degrees thanks to its powerful cooling technology.

You can easily control the operating status of the FunCooler 3 Pro via an application that you download to your smartphone and set the status of the RGB LEDs on the device. The smartphone cooler from Black Shark is compatible with all Android phones with a Type-C port and the iPhone 15 series.

Razer Hammerhead True Wireless

Hammerhead True Wireless, the in-ear gaming headset from Razer with RGB lighting, stands out with its active noise cancelation. The headset supports Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity technology, has a low latency of 60 ms and performs excellently even in competitive games. This headset, which supports SBC and AAC codecs, can be controlled via the application you download to your smartphone. The Razer Hammerhead True Wireless offers a minimum battery life of 20 hours and a maximum of 32.5 hours.

MGC ClawSocks Finger Sleeves

When you play games on your smartphone for hours on end, it’s impossible for your fingers not to sweat and for the entire screen not to be covered in fingerprints. The sweating of your fingers significantly affects your gaming experience. That’s why you can solve your problem by purchasing these finger sleeves. Your touch sensitivity will not be affected and the finger sleeves are breathable.

MODJUEGO Keyboard & Mouse Converter

This product is a converter that allows you to connect a keyboard and mouse to your smartphone. Connect the converter to your smartphone via Bluetooth and then connect your keyboard and mouse to the converter. That’s all. Now you can play PUBG Mobile or many other games with the keyboard. The product does not have a built-in battery, so you need to power it via an adapter. This product, allows you to set the keys according to your own habits.


You can get these gaming accessories that you need to play games efficiently on your smartphone from many providers. Especially if you use an iPhone 15 Pro and want to play PC-level games like Resident Evil, you should get the Black Shark FunCooler. Apple’s new flagship smartphone can overheat in high-graphics games and FPS drops can occur.

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