Next-Generation Voice Assistants: Infinix’s Breakthrough with ChatGPT

As of June 2nd, Infinix is pioneering the integration of an AI voice assistant powered by ChatGPT, conducting trials to enable users to interact with their mobile devices through an AI companion capable of understanding and responding to their queries.

According to the digital blogger ICE UNIVRSE the voice assistant is currently undergoing a gray-toned test on Infinix’s Note 30 mobile phone. Leaked images suggest that the voice assistant may have both a localized application version and a web version called Folax. The overall dialogue interface bears resemblance to the native chat interface of Android. Users can either convert their voice into text or directly type their queries, with AI-powered text dialogue being an anticipated feature.

We firmly believe that the incorporation of manufacturer artificial intelligence, such as ChatGPT, into mobile phone voice assistants has the potential to address the drawbacks of traditional assistive software, such as being “function-oriented” and having “prefabricated response content.” Our hope is that more manufacturers will embrace this productive artificial intelligence and apply it to their own voice assistants in the future.

Headquartered in Shenzhen, China Holdings Limited is a Chinese mobile phone manufacturer. Instead of competing fiercely in the Asia-Pacific and European markets, the company has shifted its focus to the relatively untapped African continent, developing personalized mobile phones tailored to suit African features. According to the International Data Group, Infinix brands held a significant market share of 38% in the African market in 2016, securing the top position

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