TSMC’s Data Breach: LockBit Extortion Group Threatens

Recently, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), one of the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturers, faced a cybersecurity incident. It has been confirmed by the foreign technology media outlet TechCrunch that the company was targeted by a network attack, resulting in the leakage of certain data. A TSMC spokesperson stated that the cybersecurity incident was related to the initial server setup and configuration, emphasizing that customer information was not affected. The responsibility for this incident was claimed by the extortion group LockBit, which listed the relevant data on their website and demanded a ransom of 70 million USD from TSMC.

Details of the Incident

TSMC’s cybersecurity incident has garnered attention in the technology media and raised significant concerns within the industry. The company spokesperson revealed that the data breach was related to the initial server setup and configuration, but did not provide detailed technical information. On the other hand, the assurance that customer information remained unaffected has provided relief among users and business partners. The extortion group named LockBit publicly declared their targeting of TSMC and presented the leaked data as evidence, demanding a ransom of 70 million dollars.

The group also threatened to disclose passwords and login credentials if TSMC fails to make the payment. LockBit claimed that the compromised data was stolen from Kinmax Technology, a provider of IT services to TSMC, including network infrastructure, cloud computing, storage, and database management.

Company’s Response and Countermeasures

Upon detecting the cybersecurity incident, TSMC swiftly took action to intervene and isolate the affected systems. The company collaborated with cybersecurity experts to investigate the incident and prevent any further potential attacks. Additionally, TSMC reiterated its commitment to ensuring the security of customer information by confirming its non-involvement in the breach.

It is expected that TSMC will learn from this incident and strengthen its security measures to prevent similar attacks in the future. Specifically, a thorough review of the company’s network infrastructure and server configurations, identification of vulnerabilities, and their mitigation will be crucial. Furthermore, implementing training and awareness programs among employees to enhance cybersecurity awareness and ensure stricter adherence to security policies is also important.


TSMC’s cybersecurity incident and the threat posed by the LockBit extortion group have become a closely monitored topic within the technology world. Data breaches and cyberattacks are on the rise, and it is crucial for companies to keep their security measures up to date and strengthen their defense mechanisms. It is expected that TSMC will establish a stronger security infrastructure through the lessons learned from this incident and maintain its commitment to preventing similar attacks.

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