Unreleased Galaxy S23 Ultra Variant Spotted with Exynos 2300 Chip

Renowned leaker Ice Universe recently uncovered that Samsung has been conducting tests on a version of the Galaxy S23 Ultra equipped with the Exynos 2300 chipset. However, it appears that this particular variant of the Galaxy S23 Ultra is an engineering prototype that will not be released for sale by Samsung. Furthermore, the Exynos 2300 chip itself will not be officially announced. Instead, it is expected that Google’s upcoming Tensor G3 chip will be based on the Exynos 2300.

The evidence supporting these claims surfaced when the SM-S9190 model, believed to be the Galaxy S23 Ultra with the Exynos 2300, appeared on the Geekbench benchmarking platform. Although the specifications of the Exynos 2300 chipset have not been officially disclosed, some details have been leaked. The chip is rumored to feature a primary core clocked at 2.6GHz, four performance cores clocked at 2.59GHz, and four efficiency cores running at 1.82GHz.

Samsung’s choice to test the Exynos 2300 on an engineering prototype suggests that the company is exploring different options for its flagship smartphone lineup. While the exact reasons behind the decision to not release this particular variant remain unknown, it is possible that Samsung is striving to optimize the performance and efficiency of its processors further.

In terms of the Google Tensor G3 chip is Google’s third generation custom-designed chip for their Pixel smartphones. By building the Tensor G3 on the foundation of the Exynos 2300, Google aims to deliver enhanced performance and tailor-made features specifically for their Pixel devices against. This collaboration between Samsung and Google signifies the ongoing efforts to advance mobile chip technologies and provide users with more powerful and optimized devices.

As of now, Samsung has not officially commented on the existence of the Galaxy S23 Ultra with the Exynos 2300 chipset or its plans for release. And will not in future. Similarly, Google has not provided any detailed information regarding the specifications and capabilities of the Tensor G3 chip. It is anticipated that further developments will unfold in the coming months as both companies prepare for their respective flagship smartphone launches.

In conclusion, the recent discovery by Ice Universe regarding Samsung testing the Galaxy S23 Ultra with the Exynos 2300 chipset has sparked interest and speculation within the tech community. While the engineering prototype will not be made available to the public, it raises anticipation for Samsung’s future flagship devices and the potential collaboration between Samsung and Google in the development of the Tensor G3 chip. Mobile enthusiasts and industry experts eagerly await further updates and official announcements from both companies.

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