Upcoming Apple Vision Pro headset may have multiple variants

The first generation of Apple Vision Pro headset saw a huge success during its initial days. However, the spark of enthusiasm was only limited for the first few months. The brand noticed a steep decline in demand for the product. The Vision Pro’s not-so-affordable pricing was among the highlighted reasons behind the declining market. However, Apple seems to be taking note of this; hence, the brand is planning to launch the future generation of the Vision Pro in multiple variants.

Apple is planning to launch multiple variants of Vision Pro

One of the known and reputable tipsters, Mark Gurkman reports in his newsletter that one of the top executives of Apple had a relook at the product strategy of the Vision Pro. After having a detailed look into it, the executive formed a new strategy of launching multiple variants of Vision Pro rather than just one.

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The main focus behind this strategy is to bring the cost of Vision Pro down. This will help the brand to aim multiple products aimed at different sets of audiences and price tags. The base and cheapest variant of the Vision Pro will have a slight cut down in the features and will be accessible to a larger number of audience due to the lower price tag.

Reports further reveal that an affordable variant of the Vision Pro is said to be priced at around $1500 (~$125,000) and can go up to $2000 (~INR 167,000). Gurman further says that the brand had this plan in mind even before the launch of the first generation of Vision Pro. However, due to some reasons, the firm chooses not to execute the plan.

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