Upcoming Google Pixel Watch 2’s watchfaces revealed on the web.

Google Pixel Watch 2 hasn’t been unveiled yet, but watchfaces have already leaked online. The brand new watchfaces of upcoming Pixel Watch 2 has appeared in an article shared by Android Authority.

Google introduced Monet theming with Android 12 and the newly leaked watchfaces seem to adapt to dynamic Monet theming, the watchfaces seem coming in different color combinations.

Pixel Watch 2 watchfaces

Let’s begin with the most straightforward ones among the watchfaces that have been leaked. These particular watchfaces boast an extremely simple and minimalist design.

Furthermore, for those seeking a more classic appearance and the ability to access additional information on their watch, there are various alternative designs available.


The upcoming Pixel Watch 2 will include two clock faces identical to the ones found on Pixel phones operating Android 14, named Analog bold and Digital bold.

Here is the appearance of the watch on phones, Pixel Watch 2 will have new watchfaces with identical design elements found in Pixel phones. Below are the Analog bold and Digital bold watchfaces featured on Pixel Watch 2.

As anticipated from the images shared, the watchfaces on Pixel Watch 2 will be customizable and will accommodate the dynamic Monet theming. For further details, you can refer to Android Authority’s article available at the link here.

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