Vivo and Transsion Group will soon launch the rollable smartphones in market

The world of smartphones is becoming more diverse and interesting with each passing day. Recently, new foldable and flip smartphones have hit the market and have gained a lot of attention. For a long time now, there have been talks about the possibility of rollable smartphones, and it seems that we are getting closer to an official launch. That’s right – rollable smartphones are going to be launched very soon. Read on to find out more.

Vivo and Transsion Group will be the first to launch rollable smartphone

According to industry insiders, Vivo and Transsion Group, two Chinese technology giants, are preparing to release the world’s first rollable screen smartphone, which could usher in a new era in the smartphone industry. It is expected that the phone will be available for purchase by the end of this year.

Rollable smartphones are smartphones that can increase their screen size with a single touch. This implies that users can benefit from a larger display when necessary and switch back to a smaller one when it is more convenient. It foreshadows a future in which technologies adjust to the user’s urgent needs.

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This move towards rollable technology may be a response to the challenge of competing with Samsung in the foldable phone market. Samsung has undoubtedly solidified its position in the foldable industry, particularly with the Galaxy Fold series.

Transsion has made its ambitions in the mobile phone industry quite clear. We have previously seen a number of rollable concept phones and displays from the company. In September, Tecno Phantom Ultimate was showcased. The company’s concept for rollable screens. This innovative phone featured a screen that could seamlessly expand from 6.55 inches to 7.11 inches in just 1.3 seconds.

So we can safely say that we are not very too far away from the official launch of the rollable smartphones. Vivo and Transsion will soon dominate this field. The wait is obviously gonna worth it.


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