vivo unveils new self developed V3 imaging chip, manufactured under 6nm process.

vivo is one of the Chinese OEMs that does a pretty good job with the camera, and vivo was even one of the best-selling phone brands in Q2 2023 in China. vivo X90 Pro+ has garnered widespread acclaim among photography enthusiasts.

vivo V3 image chip

vivo has been utilizing their own image chip in their smartphones for a long time and the company unveiled their latest imaging chip in China. This new chip stands out with its 6nm manufacturing process, delivering a significant 30% improvement in energy efficiency compared to its predecessor.

The V3 chip’s enhanced performance leads to a 20% reduction in photo processing time. This is especially noteworthy given that smartphone image processing can often be time consuming, especially in scenarios involving high dynamic range and night photography.

Thanks to the new chip, devices with vivo V3 chip will be able to shoot portrait videos at 4K. vivo has not announced which phone this V3 chip will be used in, but we may see the chip itself in upcoming flagship vivo models.

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