Vivo V40 Lite 5G will be officially launched soon

Shortly after the unveiling of Vivo V30 Lite, the smartphone manufacturer started developing the Vivo V40 Lite 5G model. While users were in a confused state, we leaked some details of the new smartphone. The previous generation Vivo V29 Lite and V30 Lite were powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 695. Now we expect Vivo to surprise us and use a better SOC. Our IMEI Database reveals the Vivo V40 Lite 5G.

Vivo V40 Lite in IMEI Database

We have limited information about this new Vivo model. The information provided by the IMEI database reveals that the V40 Lite 5G model is under development. The smartphone will not go on sale anytime soon. Compared to previous models, the device is expected to differ in points such as processor and camera. Vivo V40 Lite 5G is being secretly tested by Vivo engineers.

Vivo V40 Lite 5G has the model number V2337. The IMEI database unfortunately does not provide any other information. However, it clearly indicates the existence of the device and suggests that the new model will be launched in the near future.

Vivo V30 Lite was recently unveiled and is a mid-range model. On the processor side, it features the Snapdragon 695. Vivo’s V40 Lite smartphone should have a better processor, camera hardware, and extra features. As for the device’s launch date, it is expected to be officially launched in Q2 2024. Because the Vivo V30 Lite model has just been introduced. What do you think about the Vivo V40 Lite 5G? Do not forget to leave your thoughts.

Source: GSMChina

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