Vivo X100 Series and Vivo Watch 3 launch date announced

Get ready for an exciting November, as Vivo is set to make waves in the tech world with the launch of three remarkable devices: the Vivo X100, Vivo X100 Pro, and the Vivo Watch 3. While the official launch date is just around the corner on November 13, 2023, we’ll provide you with a sneak peek into what to expect from this exciting trio of products.

The launch date for these exciting products is set for November 13, 2023. This is a date that tech enthusiasts and Vivo fans won’t want to miss, as it marks the beginning of a new era in smartphone and wearable technology. Vivo is poised to deliver not only innovative features but also stunning design aesthetics.

The Vivo X100 family promises innovation, performance, and style. Here’s a closer look at the key details, particularly the Vivo X100 Pro, that we know so far

Vivo X100 Pro Specifications

The X100 Pro will be powered by the Dimensity 9300 chipset, which is known for its exceptional performance and 5G capabilities. Paired with the “live V3″ for enhanced AI experiences, this smartphone is poised to deliver a smooth user experience.

Vivo’s commitment to photography excellence is evident in the X100 Pro’s camera setup. It boasts a 23mm IMX989 sensor with an impressive 50MP resolution. This camera features a 1.02” sensor size and 1.6μm pixel size, ensuring exceptional low-light performance. Furthermore, the lens has a wide F/1.75 aperture and comes with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization), making it perfect for capturing stable and vibrant images.

Additionally, the X100 Pro includes a 15mm JN1 sensor with 50MP resolution and a 100mm OV64B sensor with 64MP resolution, which is described as the “Zeiss Vario-Apo-Sonnar.” This indicates a potential collaboration with Zeiss for enhanced optical performance.

The standard Vivo X100 is not to be overlooked. It features a camera setup comprising the IMX920 sensor, the JN1 sensor, and the OV64B sensor, ensuring versatile photography capabilities.

Alongside the smartphones, Vivo is set to launch the Vivo Watch 3, offering cutting-edge features for fitness and health enthusiasts. While specific details about the watch are limited, it’s expected to be a significant upgrade from its predecessors, featuring advanced fitness tracking, health monitoring, and stylish design.


The upcoming launch of the Vivo X100, X100 Pro, and Vivo Watch 3 is generating a buzz of anticipation. With powerful processors, impressive camera systems, and the promise of advanced health and fitness features, these devices represent the pinnacle of innovation in the tech industry. Mark your calendars for November 13, as Vivo is set to redefine the standards for what we can expect from our smartphones and wearables.

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