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Vivo X90s: Next-Generation Flagship Phone Powered by Dimensity 9200+

Vivo, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, has recently launched its latest flagship phone, the Vivo X90s. As a successor to the Vivo X series, the Vivo X90s introduces the all-new Dimensity 9200+ flagship platform, which brings significant improvements in performance and power efficiency compared to its predecessor, the Vivo X90.



In the past two days, the latest AnTuTu Android flagship phone performance rankings for June have been officially announced, and the Vivo X90s equipped with the Dimensity 9200+ chip has claimed the top spot. Terminals powered by the Dimensity 9200+ have dominated the list for two consecutive months, showcasing the powerful performance of MediaTek’s flagship core.

Antutu Test

Compared to the previous generation Vivo X90, which featured the Dimensity 9200 platform, the Vivo X90s with the Dimensity 9200+ has made significant progress. According to evaluations by popular Weibo blogger V@李大池, who tested the performance and power consumption of the 12GB+512GB Vivo X90s, we can gather insights from his actual measured data. Firstly, let’s consider the AnTuTu v10 running score test. The Vivo X90s achieved an overall score of 1,654,704 points, which is 7% higher than the 1,546,675 points scored by the Vivo X90.

Overall, the comparison test between the Vivo X90s and the Vivo X90 demonstrates that the Dimensity 9200+ chip offers significant advancements in terms of performance and power consumption over the previous Dimensity 9200.

While the Dimensity 9200 already delivers excellent performance, the Dimensity 9200+ clearly surpasses it, further enhancing the user experience.

Processor features

According to earlier reports, the MediaTek Dimensity 9200+ platform adopts TSMC’s cutting-edge second-generation 4nm process. It features a CPU architecture comprising a 3.35GHz Cortex-X3 core, three 3.0GHz Cortex-A715 cores, and four 2.00GHz Cortex-A510 cores. The GPU consists of an 11-core Immortalis-G715, and it also supports MediaTek HyperEngine 6.0 game engine and hardware ray tracing in mobile devices.

Lastly, it is worth noting that the outstanding performance of the Dimensity 9200+ may raise expectations for the performance of the Dimensity 9300 platform. As per current information, the Dimensity 9300 is expected to introduce an innovative full-core architecture with up to 50% reduced power consumption. Its official release is anticipated later this year. Users may anticipate a wave of improvements with the upcoming Dimensity 9300.


Vivo X90s, powered by Dimensity 9200+, showcases significant advancements as a new generation flagship smartphone. It provides enhanced performance and greater power efficiency in comparison to its earlier iterations. Users can look forward to a high-performance experience while also keeping an eye on future technological developments.

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