Wear OS 4.0 Eligible Devices List — Release is soon

Android Wear, the wearable version of the Android operating system, has been in development since 2014. While Wear OS 1.0 version was released in 2014, Wear OS 3.5 version was released in 2022 with the Google Pixel Watch. With Wear OS 3.5, which has a lot of improvements compared to past versions, many people started to see it as a competitor to Apple Watch smartwatches, which dominated the smartwatch market. Wear OS 4.0 will be introduced this month with even more revolutionary changes in 2023.

The number of watches using Android Wear is not very high. However, after Google introduced its smartwatch Pixel Watch, new smartwatches started to be introduced. More and more developments started to be made on smartwatch processors. With these improvements, new Wear OS versions are not eligible for smartwatches using old smartwatch processors. Smartwatches with Snapdragon 4000 series processors are among the devices that will receive this update.

Wear OS 4.0 Eligible Devices

After the Android 11-based Wear OS 3.5 version, there are only a few smartwatches that will receive the Wear OS 4.0 version based on Android 13, although it was introduced with Android 14. Since these smartwatches are the latest models, their prices can be a bit expensive. So if you are using an old smartwatch, this news might not be good for you.

  • Google Pixel Watch
  • Skagen Falster 6
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Series
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Series
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Series
  • OPPO Watch 2
  • OPPO Watch 3
  • OPPO Watch 3 Pro
  • Montblanc Summit 3
  • TicWatch Pro 5
  • Fossil Gen 6

If you have a device in the list above, you are one of the lucky ones to receive the Wear OS 4.0 update. By the way, this is a list of devices that have received the Wear OS 3.5 update and have been promised an update. This list does not mean that the manufacturer will definitely release the Wear OS 4.0 update. However, with 99% probability, it will receive the Wear OS 4.0 update.

The main features that come with the Wea rOS 4.0 update include the ability to manage smart devices at home, WhatsApp calls from the smartwatch, better battery and performance efficiency, and more advanced and simpler Watch faces in collaboration with Samsung. Gmail and calendar applications will also be included in the Wear OS operating system. It will also offer the material you theming system that comes with Android 12. Does your device support Wear OS 4.0, what do you think about it?

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