What’s new on the Android 14 lock screen?

Google introduced new lock screen customizations with Android 14. These new lock screen customizations offered users features such as changing lock screen clock faces, managing shortcuts on the lock screen, managing the color of lock screen clocks, and managing the size of the lock screen line. This feature, which has already been available to Apple users for years, and now it also available to Android users with Android 14.

Android 14 Lockscreen

Google added an API to change the lock screen clocks in the Android system few years ago with Android 10, but this was not available to the end user. When Google introduced Android 14, 4 years later in May 2023, Google announced new lock screen customizations. Android 14 had built-in lock screen features that had been available in competitors for years or had been added to Android with a facelift. Although this feature of Android 14 was liked by everyone, but it was not offered to users in the first beta version.

This feature, which came to Pixel devices with Beta 2, was faulty at first, but over time, the problems were solved and integrated into the system and started to work without any problems. Let’s examine the lock screen customization features that work completely bugless in Android 14 Beta 5.3.

Lockscreen Clock Faces

There are 4 different clock faces in Android 14, including the default face. These clock faces offer a different view when the always on display is on and a different view when the screen is on, which also support the dynamic clock feature added with Android. It is enough to press and hold the lock screen to change these clock faces.

Lockscreen Clock Color

Lock screen clocks have been applied in the tone of the wallpaper according to the Material You color palette since Android 12. With Android 14, you can change the lock screen clock color regardless of the wallpaper. In this way, you can make a color palette that is more compatible with the lock screen.

Lockscreen Clock Size

The feature of adjusting the size of the clock on the lock screen was added to Android with Android 12L version. This feature, which was relocated in Android 14, works the same. This feature makes the clock appear larger when there is no notification, and smaller when there is a notification.

Lockscreen Shortcuts

Lock screen shortcuts, which took their current form with Android 5, were silently removed in Android 10 and completely removed in Android 12. Lock screen shortcuts, which were added again with Android 14, finally added customizations. We can select and add the shortcuts we want for the right and left shortcut.

  • Camera
  • Do not Disturb
  • Flashlight
  • Home
  • Mute
  • QR Code scanner

Google Pixel users can now experience the new lock screen feature of Android 14. If you are a Google Pixel user, you can download and install the Android 14 version suitable for your device from the Android 14 Beta webpage and experience this feature. The stable version of Android 14 will be released on October 4, you can wait for that day as well.

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