Will OnePlus enter laptop market following the launch of OnePlus Keyboard?

Kinder Liu, COO of OnePlus, was asked about OnePlus branded tablets and future OnePlus laptops, he explained how OnePlus will move on in an interview. OnePlus has already introduced their first tablet, the OnePlus Pad which is now available globally. OnePlus Pad boasts impressive specifications and is priced at around 500 Euros.

Cheaper OnePlus tablets – OnePlus Laptop

Kinder Liu mentioned that OnePlus’ primary focus is on producing devices in the premium segment. However, he also acknowledged that if there is significant demand for a budget-friendly option, OnePlus could also make a budget tablet. We know OnePlus makes budget phones under “Nord” branding but they have just one tablet for now and that’s OnePlus Pad, OnePlus could indeed make budget tablets in the future.

Kinder Liu was also asked if OnePlus will introduce a laptop and he replied that “Our vision for technology is to make smartphones and tablets the primary devices for people to work and play, which means we’re not into exploring PCs and laptops at this time.” OnePlus apparently has no intention of making a laptop for the time being.

In fact, this is a highly logical decision for OnePlus, considering that achieving success in the laptop market is considerably more challenging compared to the smartphone market. Among companies that manufacture both tablets and smartphones, Huawei is the only one that has confidently ventured into the laptop market. Xiaomi also makes laptops under the Xiaomi and Redmi brandings; these laptops are exclusive to the Chinese market. Given the existing competition from well-established laptop manufacturers, it would be challenging for a new company to enter laptop adventure.

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