Winamp releases music player app for both Android and iOS.

Winamp had initially intended to release an Android version of their Winamp music player by 2010, but the development of the mobile version has been halted for various reasons. Recently, the mobile edition of Winamp Player has entered a closed beta phase, and a select few users have received invitations to participate.

There has been no official announcement regarding plans to expand the testing or any indication of when the stable version of Winamp will be made available, and now Winamp shared a tweet including download links for both iOS and Android. You can apply for beta testing through Google Play Store on Android devices, and TestFlight for iOS.

One of the noteworthy features of Winamp is its integration with the Fanzone service. This platform serves as a tool that enables artists to engage with their fans, sell their unique work, and showcase their songs on the app.

The app is capable of playing local media on your mobile device and as well as it allow users to interact with the content creators. Winamp’s Fanzone service turns the music player app into a kind of social media.

You can get Winamp’s mobile version for Android devices here and for iOS devices here. What do you think about new Winamp? Please comment down below!

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