Xiaomi 13T will receive HyperOS 1.0 update soon

Xiaomi 13T is a smartphone that Xiaomi has recently launched. Superior camera features and high processing performance make this model stand out. Shortly after Xiaomi announced HyperOS, users are wondering when the update will roll out. We are working to answer these questions that you have asked.

Xiaomi 13T users wanted to know when the HyperOS 1.0 update would come. We would like to say that the new HyperOS 1.0 is now ready. The smartphone will soon start receiving the HyperOS update in the European region.

Xiaomi 13T HyperOS Update Latest Status

HyperOS is Xiaomi’s newly launched user interface. The new Android 14 based HyperOS improves system stability and offers smooth animations. When you use your smartphone, you will see that it is very smooth, fast, and stable.

This is exactly where HyperOS focuses and aims to give users the best experience. Xiaomi 13T’s HyperOS 1.0 update was being tested. Now we see that HyperOS 1.0 is ready for Xiaomi 13T. Xiaomi 13T users in Europe will receive the HyperOS 1.0 update soon.

Here is the last internal HyperOS 1.0 build of the Xiaomi 13T! The last internal HyperOS build has been spotted as OS1.0.1.0.UMFEUXM, indicating that the Xiaomi 13T will get the new update soon. This update will be rolled out to the European region first and will be coming to other regions in the future.

We expect HyperOS 1.0 will roll out to the Xiaomi 13T in a few weeks. In case of any bugs, the update may be suspended. Please wait patiently. Please note that HyperOS 1.0 is based on Android 14. With the Xiaomi 13T HyperOS 1.0 update, it will also receive the Android 14 update. This is the first major Android update for the Xiaomi 13T.

We recommend that users join the HyperOS 1.0 Pilot Tester Program before the update is released. Do you want to be the first to experience the new HyperOS update? You can apply for the HyperOS Pilot Tester Program by clicking here. First, this update will be released to users participating in the HyperOS Pilot Tester Program.

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