Xiaomi and Apple dominates the smartphone market in Japan!

Japan’s smartphone market presents a distinctive landscape, diverging from global trends, primarily due to the overwhelming dominance of Apple. Apple has firmly established itself as the leading player in Japan with their more than 50% of market share in Japan.

The local smartphone manufacturers quit the Japan smartphone market.

Following Apple’s dominance, Sony and Samsung also have a good share rate in the Japanese smartphone market. It is worth noting that while Xiaomi has made strides, it has yet to reach the same level of popularity as Sony and Samsung in Japan. Xiaomi took attention by Japan customers with their recently introduced affordable smartphones in Japan.

The Japanese smartphone market has witnessed the withdrawal and bankruptcy announcements of several local manufacturers. In May, BALMUDA, Kyocera, and FCNT decided to exit the market, while Fujitsu declared bankruptcy for their mobile smartphone department. Fujitsu is a major company from Japan but it seems even Fujitsu’s mobile department is not doing a good job against the tech giants.

Apple’s longstanding dominance in the Japanese market mirrors their position in the United States, with iPhone enjoying a huge market share rate. The strong demand for a single company has contributed to the decline of local Japanese smartphone manufacturers.

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