Xiaomi CIVI 4 Pro will not be launched globally

Xiaomi CIVI 4 Pro will be officially announced today in the morning. While the new smartphone is highly anticipated, we would like to state that there has been a sad development. CIVI 4 Pro will not be launched in the global market. Only China and the Indian market will sell it. While millions of users wanted to buy this excellent camera-oriented model, the unfortunate last-minute development disappointed everyone. Users in India are extremely lucky! The smartphone will probably be re-launched under a different name.

Xiaomi CIVI 4 Pro won’t be coming to Global

With the CIVI series, Xiaomi has always introduced beautiful models that are stylish and have good camera hardware. The CIVI 2 was available in other markets under the name Xiaomi 13 Lite and everyone had easy access to this stylish model. But now that won’t be the case and the CIVI 4 Pro will remain exclusive to the Chinese and Indian market. As GSMChina team, we have checked Mi Code in detail: as a result, we found important details.

Xiaomi CIVI 4 Pro has the codename “chenfeng” and the internal number “N9“. The model numbers of the device appear as “24053PY09C / 24053PY09I“. When we examine these model numbers in detail, we see that the product will be sold in the China and India markets. There is no information that the smartphone will be sold in the global market. After reviewing the Mi Code, we needed to make a statement. It’s officially confirmed that the CIVI 4 Pro will not be sold in the global market.

Users must be very happy to hear that the device will be sold in India. However, it should be noted that some information is still confidential. We don’t know what name the CIVI 4 Pro will be introduced under in India, and there is a possibility that some features may have been downgraded. The CIVI 4 Pro launch in the morning should give us more information. Now all you have to do is wait for the launch of the CIVI 4 Pro!

Source: GSMChina

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