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Xiaomi CIVI 4 spotted on GSMA IMEI database

The world of technology is always buzzing with anticipation for new smartphones, and Xiaomi CIVI series has consistently met those expectations. Now, excitement is at its peak with the discovery of the Xiaomi CIVI 4 model in the IMEI database. Despite only a few months passing since the introduction of CIVI 3, leaks have confirmed that Xiaomi is in the development stage of their new CIVI 4 model. Xiaomi CIVI series is known for its aesthetic design and powerful features. Building on the success of CIVI 3, we now have the new and improved Xiaomi CIVI 4 to look forward to.

Xiaomi CIVI 4 Added to IMEI Database

According to leaked information from the GSMA IMEI database, this new smartphone may hit the market earlier than expected. Here are all the details about this exciting new phone. The IMEI database has already confirmed the release process of Xiaomi CIVI 4. With a model number registered as “24031PN0DC,” it appears that this device is set to be released in 2024.

The “2403” digits at the beginning of the model number suggest that this new smartphone could be introduced to consumers in the first quarter of 2024, increasing the likelihood of a CIVI 4 launch during that time. However, we do not yet have exact information about the release date.

It is worth noting that. This smartphone will only be available in the Chinese market. Xiaomi CIVI 4 will not be sold in the rest of the world. With its discovery in the IMEI database and the revelation of the model number, Xiaomi CIVI 4 has become a highly anticipated device in the world of technology.

There are high hopes that it will meet users expectations with advanced technology features, a powerful processor, and an improved camera. While we currently lack official unveiling dates and other specifics, CIVI 4 is expected to make a significant impact in 2024.

Expected Features

CIVI 4 is set to elevate the front camera experience with a more advanced sensor. Equipped with this smartphone, users can expect perfect selfies and high-quality video calls. The new smartphone also appears to have a much more powerful processor compared to the Dimensity 8200, with rumors suggesting the use of the SM7550 SOC codenamed “crow“.

This new SoC is expected to deliver performance similar to the Snapdragon 7 Gen 3. Xiaomi’s CIVI series typically focuses on innovative design and technology, so CIVI 4 might stand out with a thinner design and advancements in screen technology.

Xiaomi CIVI 4 has generated excitement in the world of technology with its detection in the IMEI database, particularly due to its enhanced front camera and powerful processor. However, the official launch date and other details remain shrouded in mystery. It seems we have no choice but to wait for the first quarter of 2024. As more details about CIVI 4 launch emerge, more information about this exciting new smartphone will be shared. For tech enthusiasts, this offers the opportunity to closely follow the future trends in technology.

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