Xiaomi may produce its own custom smartphone chips, bye bye Snapdragon

Xiaomi, the famous Chinese tech company, is hiring experts in System-on-Chip (SoC) design and development. Xiaomi’s official recruitment website has many job postings related to self-developed SoCs. This has sparked speculation about the company’s interest in SoC technology. This news follows a break after Xiaomi launched the Mi 5C phone with the Xiaomi Surge S1 chip. In this article, we explore Xiaomi’s recent activities and what it could mean for the company’s future in the mobile technology market.

The SoC Resurgence

Xiaomi’s job postings show they are looking for people to work on SoC-related roles. These include SoC design engineers and senior SoC verification engineers. The job descriptions are about important tasks. These tasks include making energy use better and fixing Android phone issues. These postings suggest that Xiaomi is actively gearing up for a revival in the development of its own SoC chips.

Xiaomi’s Past in SoC Development

In 2017, Xiaomi made headlines with the release of the Mi 5C smartphone, which featured the Xiaomi Surge S1 SoC. This in-house developed 8-core 64-bit processor generated significant interest within the tech industry. During the launch of Mi 5C, Xiaomi’s founder, Lei Jun, expressed his happiness. Despite the initial excitement, Xiaomi didn’t release another smartphone with their own chip. This made many wonder what Xiaomi’s plans for the future were.

A New Chapter for Xiaomi

The renewed focus on self-developed SoCs could mark a significant turning point for Xiaomi. The company keeps innovating in different areas. They make camera chips in the Surge C series and power chips in the Surge P series. To get ahead in the mobile tech market, Xiaomi should focus on developing SoC technology. This would give them more control over the key components of their devices.

Why Self-Developed SoCs Matter

The heart and brain of smartphones are SoCs. They control processing power and energy efficiency. Creating a system on a chip gives a company control over device performance, power usage, and optimization. This can help hardware and software work better together, improving user experiences and saving money.

The Future for Xiaomi

Xiaomi wants to get back in the SoC arena, so they are recruiting new people. Creating self-developed SoCs is a big task that needs time, resources, and expertise. Xiaomi might increase innovation and competition by reviving its SoC development program. This would help them stay as a major player in the mobile industry.


Xiaomi is hiring for self-developed SoCs. This could mean they want more control over their mobile device components. Xiaomi could improve its reputation as an innovator in the mobile technology industry. They could do this by returning to the SoC market and using advanced technology. It’s worth watching Xiaomi’s renewed interest in SoC development. They’re in the fast-changing mobile technology world.

Source: Weibo

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