Xiaomi’s new operating system won’t be called as MiOS; official reports

Xiaomi is in the final stages of developing its upcoming smartphone operating system, bringing us closer to its official release. MIUI 15 is anticipated to mark the culmination of the MIUI series, with no further iterations on the horizon. Nevertheless, subsequent reports suggested that this transition may pertain exclusively to the Chinese market, while MIUI would persist for global devices. The latest buzz on the internet now claims that the forthcoming operating system will not adopt the name “MiOS.”

MiOS isn’t the official name; confirms the Xiaomi official

This afternoon, Wang Hua, who serves as the General Manager of the Public Relations Department at Xiaomi Group, addressed the issue on the Chinese microblogging platform Weibo. In response, he clarified that “MIOS,” “MiOS,” and “CNMIOS” are all incorrect names and may potentially lead to legal consequences. As a result, Xiaomi’s forthcoming operating system will not be adopting any of these names.

He further added a statement to the post, which translates to:

In recent times, we’ve witnessed the remarkable creativity, imagination, and ingenuity of our Xiaomi fans. Not only have their photo editing skills reached new heights, but their knack for naming things has also flourished. Names like ‘MIOS,’ ‘MiOS,’ ‘CNMIOS,’ and even the subsystem ‘Mina’ from our previously sold TV stick products abroad have resurfaced. People have proposed various Chinese names like ‘Muse’ and ‘Pangu.’

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All of the above-mentioned names are incorrect. I’ve noticed that many of you are still wondering why we didn’t choose ‘MIOS’ or ‘MiOS.’ It’s important to understand that ‘iOS’ is a protected system name due to legal regulations. Consequently, any name ending with this suffix will not be permissible. Without legal support, you might even face the risk of legal action for trademark infringement.

As for ‘Mina,’ it’s a name with a history. It used to be the system name for the TV sticks we used to sell overseas. At one point, someone even considered using it as the name for our mobile phone system, but we decided against it. The name ‘Mina’ crossed my path during an internal review process nearly two or three years ago. I even discussed whether it should be merged with ‘Vela.’ This time, it seems everyone has unearthed it as a potential mobile operating system name and has used the disbandment of the project as a basis for speculating that we’ve abandoned the mobile operating system. The reality of our system is a complex landscape with multiple projects running concurrently within. Only a select few individuals are privy to the overarching architecture and planning, and you’ll soon have the chance to learn more.

Due to my role and confidentiality obligations, I can only share this much. I’m grateful for all your attention and support. What’s on the horizon will undoubtedly materialize, so there’s no need to rush. Let’s look forward to the exciting developments that lie ahead!


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