Xiaomi MIX 5 is coming, but in 2025

Xiaomi’s MIX series are specially developed smartphones. In the years when the MIX series was announced, they have some advanced features compared to other smartphones. We can say that the MIX series represents the future of the smartphone market. This special series impresses users with its innovative features.

Xiaomi last announced the MIX 4 in 2021, officially announcing the first smartphone with an under-display camera. Xiaomi MIX 4 was a unique model and offered an extraordinary viewing experience with an infinite screen experience.

Now the smartphone manufacturer has started working on the Xiaomi MIX 5. But MIX series lovers should know that this new model will not be sold immediately. Because Xiaomi MIX 5 is expected to be officially introduced in 2025. Xiaomi will not launch the MIX 5 in 2024. We obtain this information from the IMEI Database and it’s extremely reliable. Let’s examine the leaked features of Xiaomi MIX 5!

Xiaomi MIX 5

Xiaomi always paid a lot of attention to the MIX series. But we haven’t seen a new MIX model for the last 3 years. Currently, device manufacturers are focused on the foldable smartphone market. In previous years, the Xiaomi MIX series differed from its competitors in some points.

These smartphones had infinite screen experience, an under-screen camera, and many other advanced features. Now, the fact that Xiaomi MIX 5 is being secretly tested by Xiaomi engineers shows that the brand is focusing on the MIX series again. Xiaomi MIX 5 has been spotted on the GSMA IMEI database and some features have come to light.

Xiaomi MIX 5 has the model number 2503AVP01C. The number 2503 at the beginning of the model number represents March 2025. But when we consider previous Xiaomi launch dates, the MIX 5 could be launched together with the Xiaomi 15 Ultra in April 2025.

The smartphone manufacturer will announce the MIX 5 with a big launch. Unfortunately, it is important to note that the Xiaomi MIX 5 will be only launched in China. It is not expected to be unveiled in the global and Indian markets.

Xiaomi MIX 5 is expected to differ from all smartphones in certain points in 2025, as in the previous models of the MIX series. This possibility should not be ignored. Maybe this smartphone will remain only a prototype and will not be released on the market.

The company’s future outlook and policies are important. Whatever happens, we want to see this special smartphone launched and to see different special models in this developing market. Hopefully, Xiaomi will announce the MIX 5 in 2025 and we will be able to experience the smartphone.

Source: GSMChina

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