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Xiaomi MIX Flip’s images and top features leaked

Xiaomi is speeding up its work for MIX Flip. As new details begin to emerge every day, it does not escape our eyes. First of all, we need to point out that we are wrong about some topics. The first one is that the MIX FOLD 4 will not be sold in the global market. Chinese manufacturer will only offer the MIX FOLD 4 for sale in mainland China and will come up with a different surprise in May. The MIX Flip is expected to be officially available globally. As GSMChina team, we have leaked the key specifications of the MIX Flip.

Xiaomi MIX Flip

Xiaomi developed the first MIX Flip in 2021. The device was codenamed “argo”. It was powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor. But the Chinese brand stopped the development of the first MIX Flip. The last internal MIUI build of the prototype device was MIUI-V21.4.24. Since then, no new Flip model has been developed, the focus has been on the MIX FOLD series.

Xiaomi is now testing the MIX Flip internally and we expect it to be officially announced in May. At first, we thought that this model was the MIX FOLD 4. But then we took a closer look at the Mi Code and realized that we needed to make a new announcement. While the MIX FOLD 4 will remain exclusive to the Chinese market, the MIX Flip will be available to users all over the world.

MIX Flip has model numbers “2405CPX3DG / 2405CPX3DC“. The device’s codename is “ruyi” and the internal model number is “N8“. The internal number “8” is usually assigned to MIX series devices. The last device with an internal number of 8 was the MIX 4. It came with the model number “K8”. This smartphone had innovative features. MIX 4 had an under-display camera and was sold only in the Chinese market, which surprised a lot of users.

The new MIX Flip will represent a first for Xiaomi. The smartphone manufacturer is working very hard on this special device. We can see this. The MIX Flip will be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SOC. We expect a dual camera setup on the back. Our team has prepared a render image of this special model.

The smartphone has a dual camera on the back and a small screen just below it. On the front, it is expected to come with a selfie camera. This is a MIX Flip design based on our speculation. It is not an official image. As for details such as the launch date of the MIX Flip, it will be available in the international market.

MIX Flip will be officially available in many countries, including Turkey. I should note that this special device will not be launched in India. It will be sold exclusively for the Global and Chinese market. In May, Xiaomi is expected to be introduced with a big launch event and it is still a matter of curiosity what new features the model will offer.

Source: GSMChina

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