Xiaomi Pad 7 Pro’s battery capacity and fast charging features leaked

Xiaomi continues to work on Xiaomi Pad 7 series. Key features of the tablets have been leaked, and now the battery and fast charging features have been revealed. Xiaomi Pad 7 Pro will have a large battery capacity. This shows that Pad 7 Pro will be one of the tablet models with long battery life. The new tablets will be very fast, smooth and will provide long hours of use with high battery capacity.

Xiaomi Pad 7 Pro Battery Features

Xiaomi Pad 7 series will be officially launched in Q2 2024 along with Xiaomi 14 Ultra. With 4 months to go before the big launch in China, some features of the devices are already emerging. At first, we reported on the processor, display, and camera features in our previous article.

Now, we reveal the battery and fast charging features of Xiaomi Pad 7 Pro. The tablet is expected to have a large 10000mAh battery and 120W fast charging support. This information is reliable because it’s obtained from Mi Code. Therefore, you can trust the GSMChina team.

Xiaomi Pad 7 Pro will stand out for its long battery life. The tablet will be equipped with a large 10000mAh battery capacity. This will provide its users with an uninterrupted experience throughout the day and differentiate Pad 7 Pro from other tablet models.

Another significant feature of Xiaomi Pad 7 Pro is the 120W fast charging support. Fast charging technology allows you to fully charge your tablet in a short time, which is a great advantage for users. Especially in cases of intensive use or emergencies, the fast charging feature will reinforce Xiaomi Pad 7 Pro’s feature of being a practical mobile device.

Xiaomi is waiting for the Q2 2024 to officially unveil its new tablet series. This major launch event will take place alongside the Xiaomi 14 Ultra and will be held in China. Four months before the launch event, the features of Xiaomi Pad 7 series are becoming clearer and closer. Leaks about the processor, display and camera specs suggest that the company is aiming to deliver a high-end performance and impressive user experience with this tablet series.

Also, Xiaomi Pad 7 Pro will be launched in the global market, which means that users all over the world will be able to experience this tablet. You should already be excitedly waiting for Pad 7 Pro. We will let you know when more information becomes available.

Source: GSMChina

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