5 tips to help you use your phone more effectively

We often use smartphones during the day for work, games, mobile photography and many other purposes. However, some functions that we don’t pay attention to can make our lives much easier. For example, with the advancement of technology, items in our house are connected to our smartphone via the internet and we can control them remotely. Therefore, it’s a good idea to use the smartphone effectively and not haphazardly. Thanks to 5 simple tips, it’s possible to take full advantage of your phone’s features and use your phone practically.

Digital Wellbeing

Digital Wellbeing was first announced in 2018 for Pixel models and shortly after made available for Android One smartphones. With the widespread use of Android Pie and subsequent Android versions on smartphones, Digital Wellbeing is pre-installed on every user’s phone.

Digital Wellbeing is an application that helps users increase concentration, improve sleep balance, and control how often you use applications. Thanks to the sleep mode in the application, your phone will automatically be set to don’t disturb mode when it’s time to sleep. Thanks to the work profile, you can use your smartphone for two different purposes, separating personal and work space. On the other hand, you can use Digital Wellbeing to focus on a task or adjust the time you spend in apps.

Phone Link

Phone Link, developed by Microsoft and supported on computers running Windows 10, is a phone-to-computer connection app that is fully compatible with iOS and Android platforms. After connecting your Android device to your computer, you will run Microsoft Phone Link and have access to all your photos, SMS and can even make phone calls from your computer.

Google Home

Thanks to Google Home, you can control your smart home products from your phone whenever you want. For example, you can turn on or off a Google Home supported smart light bulb in your home while you are outside. Nowadays, there are many home products that support Google Home and Google Assistant. It supports kitchen appliances, security cameras, temperature control, music systems, and many other product groups.

Enable Emergency SOS

Emergency SOS can save your life in case of a life-threatening accident. To enable this feature, which comes with Android 11 and above, go to the Safety & Emergency section in Settings and add a person who can be reached in case of emergency. Then enable the feature on the Emergency SOS tab. Do not forget to enable the Share info with emergency contacts option on this tab. In the Safety & Emergency section you can make additional settings as you wish.

Meterial You Customizations

Meterial You is available with Android 12 and offers users the ability to redesign the interface. The new feature lets you customize the background tones of the notification panel and apps, as well as the colors of the app icons to your own taste. Meterial You has made a name for itself with the Pixel models. Other companies like Samsung, Xiaomi and OnePlus have started to integrate Meterial You support into their interfaces with software updates.


Thanks to the 5 tips to improve your phone, you can make your life safer, do your work more focused or customize your phone according to your own style. If you liked the tips or have any recommendations, don’t forget to comment.

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