A new Redmi Pad with 4G connectivity is coming to India soon

We had reported previously that Xiaomi is working on a new budget tablet called the Redmi Pad SE 8.7 4G. The tablet seems to be an improved version of the Redmi Pad SE with some changes here and there. The Pad SE 8.7 4G has been spotted on the Bureau of Indian Standards certification website. This listing hints at an imminent launch of the device.

Redmi Pad SE 8.7 4G listed on BIS ahead of its launch

A new device has been listed under BIS’s “Redmi” brand (Bureau of Indian Standards). The device has the model number 24076RP19I. As per the information, the model number belongs to the upcoming Redmi Pad SE 8.7 4G. Not only that, but the letter “I” at the end of the model number also confirms that it is indeed the Indian variant of the device.

Interestingly, the same device with the same model number was also spotted on the IMEI database. This indicates that Xiaomi is working on it at a very rapid pace and we are not far away from its official launch.

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Further, a user on Twitter (@that_kartikey) reports that a new Redmi Pad with cellular connectivity is coming soon to India. Even though he did not reveal any details about the tablet, it is none other than the Pad SE 8.7 4G. The tablet is a “Redmi Pad” and has the support of 4G cellular connectivity.

Talking about the specifications, the Redmi Pad SE 8.7 4G will feature an 8.7-inch display, as confirmed by its name. The tablet will target the budget audience. It is said to be running on Xiaomi’s newly announced HyperOS 1.0. Other specifications about it remain unknown but it won’t be wrong to assume that it will not have any highly difference specs from the existing Redmi Pad SE.

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