Best Car Chargers in 2023

The electrical system of vehicles often does not have a constant voltage. The stability of the energy transmitted by the alternator is directly affected by the engine speed and the condition of the alternator. To prevent your mobile devices from failing due to current and voltage fluctuations, be sure to choose a car charger with a power management chip. On the other hand, you should choose chargers from well-known brands to avoid short-circuiting the vehicle’s electrical system. Take a look at the car cigarette lighter chargers that allow you to charge your phone in peace.

Belkin 37W Dual Port Car Charger

Belkin’s 37W dual port car charger features a USB Type-C port and a USB Type-A port. You can get up to 25W of power from Type-C and a maximum of 12W from a regular USB port. Belkin’s 37W charger, the cheapest car charger on the list, is PD 3.0 certified and compatible with many smartphones. It can charge the iPhone 14, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and similar smartphones from 0 to 50% in 25 minutes. The price is about $20 on Amazon.

Anker 67W 3-Port Car Charger

This product, one of Anker’s latest car chargers, you can charge multiple devices at once thanks to its 3 USB outputs. The Anker 535 Car Charger, which delivers a maximum output power of 67 W, supports the new iPhone 15 series and MacBook models with USB Type-C charging port.

67 W of power can be accessed through a single USB Type-C port. With a maximum power of 9 W via the USB-A port, this model can provide 45 W of power via the first USB-C port and 9 W of power via the second USB-C and USB-A ports, charging three devices simultaneously. The average price for this product, which has overheating and overload protection, This charger price is about $40 on Amazon.

Spigen 75W Dual USB Car Charger

Spigen’s car charger, which offers 75W of output power, is equipped with two Type-C ports, 30W and 45W. Thanks to the smart power management chip inside, voltage imbalances are minimized and your phone stays safe. It not only supports smartphone models from Apple, Samsung, Google and many other popular brands, but also charges MacBook Air. The average price is $33 on Amazon.

OnePlus SUPERVOOC 80W Car Charger

The product at the bottom of the list is SUPERVOOC 80W car charger from OnePlus. This model has a very simple structure and has 1x USB-A and 1x USB-C ports. This car charger, which can deliver a maximum power of 80W via the USB-A port, charges the OnePlus 10 Pro from 0 to 100% in about 37 minutes. The OnePlus SUPERVOOC 80W, which can deliver 30W of power via the USB-C port, is fully compatible with OPPO and Realme smartphone models. The price on the official OnePlus sales page is $40.


Poor quality of car chargers can cause serious damage to both your vehicle and your phone. To protect the battery health of your smartphone, you should choose high-quality car chargers. All car chargers on this list are equipped with smart chips that react to sudden voltage fluctuations and the risk of high temperatures. You can charge your mobile devices and accessories in complete safety with the car chargers we recommend. To get full efficiency from fast chargers, you need to make sure that your charging cable is compatible.

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