Bye bye Nokia! HMD is working on 9 new smartphones

HMD’s first 2 smartphones were announced by us for the first time in the world. Since then, Nokia’s ending is still in progress. Recently, NokiaMobile accounts have been renamed to HMD, signaling a new future for HMD. Today, we would like to come to you with a different news. HMD Global has started working on 9 new smartphones. With this move of HMD, it is an indication that Nokia is completely dead. Let’s take a look at the details of the 9 new HMD-branded phones!

HMD is coming up with new HMD Phones

We spotted the brand’s first 2 smartphones a few months ago. Now, 9 new smartphones have been spotted on the IMEI database. We can say that HMD is working on 11 devices in total. These models are expected to be unveiled at MWC. Unfortunately, we do not know the specifications of the products that appeared on the IMEI Database, however, the existence of the products is now officially confirmed.

  • TA-1584
  • TA-1588
  • TA-1589
  • TA-1592
  • TA-1594
  • TA-1595
  • TA-1602
  • TA-1605
  • TA-1631

These model numbers belong to the new HMD phones. The brand is testing products internally. Nokia’s former popularity can be regained with HMD. HMD stands for “Human Mobile Devices” and these products are launched for humanity. HMD Global’s response to competitors such as Samsung, Apple, and Xiaomi will be interesting to see.

  • TA-1585
  • N159V

HMD’s first 2 phones were already listed in the IMEI database. While the specifications of these products are unclear, their codenames were revealed by Evan Blass. These codenames are “pulse”, “pulse+”, “pulsepro”, “legend”, “legendplus” and “legendpro”.

HMD’s new phones are highly anticipated. If these phones satisfy the users, Nokia’s old reputation will be regained with HMD and a new competitor that scares other smartphone manufacturers will be born. Of course, we need to wait for MWC for all the details.

Source: GSMChina

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