Customizing At a Glance is now possible with Smartspacer App

Google made a new feature named Smartspace two years ago. This replaces At a Glance with some important notifications. Twitter user Quinny898 posted a Tweet about how he was going to reverse engineer how the new Smartspace worked two years ago. Today, well-known Android master Mishaal Rahman published a few new images of Smartspacer, the result of Quinny898’s work, and announced the start of the beta testing program of Smartspacer app. With Smartspacer application, you can expand Google’s Smartspace feature, which is limited to some applications, and install the plugins you want.

What does Smartspacer do?

The Smartspacer app extends the new Smartspace feature added to At a Glance with the Pixel 6. There are a lot of new plugins even it’s still in beta and the ability to install plugins means that it will be able to add unlimited new plugins in the future. Smartspacer does this without Root. Smartspacer uses Shizuku and you have to install it before starting installation process.

Smartspace changes the date and time in At a Glance with some important alerts. Smartspacer adds new alerts into Smartspace with someway and changes with its own custom alerts. If you enable the Playing Now plugin on Smartspacer the name of the song in the ambient will appear in the Smartspace when music is playing on around you. If you also want to show a Keep list, your selected Keep list is shown on At a Glance. If you want to see more than one modules, you can slide the smartspace widget to switch between them.

Smartspacer Plugins

Although Smartspacer is in beta, it has 20 plugins. There are some plugins that everyone can use but some modules are only available in some countries. When you want to install the plugins, it downloads an APK and installs it on your device.

  • Amazon
  • Battery
  • Google Maps
  • Aftership
  • BBC Weather
  • Countdown
  • Data usage
  • Energy Monitor
  • Google Finance
  • Google Wallet
  • Health Connect
  • Notifications
  • Pokemon Go
  • Samsung Health
  • SDK Sample
  • Sun Times
  • Tasker
  • Uber
  • Yahoo Sport
  • YouTube

How to get Smartspacer APK?

To join the Smartspacer beta program, all you need to do is join public Smartspacer Discord channel. Here you can download the latest Smartspacer APK files and test them by downloading and installing them on your phone. You can report bugs and contribute to the rapid development of the app.

You can get the Smartspacer app on Discord, install it on your phone and share this experience. Using Smartspacer will help you reduce the amount of time you have to look at your phone to check things. It is very useful for both your eye health and your real life.

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