Did you know that Android phones have force touch?

Did you know that some Android devices, specifically Google Pixel smartphones, come equipped with a feature known as “Force Touch”? This technology allows users to interact with their screens in a more intuitive and efficient manner. In this article, we will delve into what Force Touch is, how it works on Pixel devices, and some practical applications that make it a valuable addition to the Android ecosystem.

Understanding Force Touch

Force Touch, also known as 3D Touch on iOS devices, is a technology that enables touch-sensitive screens to distinguish between different levels of pressure applied by a user’s finger. On Android, it’s referred to as “Force Touch,” and it’s a feature exclusive to Google Pixel 4 smartphones. Force Touch can detect variations in the pressure you apply when interacting with your screen, allowing for a new dimension of user input.

How Force Touch Works on Pixel Devices

On Pixel devices, Force Touch does not work based on a sensor. The way it understands this is that it recognizes when you touch the larger surface of your finger to the screen and recognizes it as a hard touch.

Force Touch allows you to reduce the time required for certain interactions. By applying more force, you can activate shortcuts and access information with a shorter press duration.

Practical Applications

One of the most common uses of Force Touch on Pixel devices is for accessing app shortcuts. By pressing harder on an app icon, you can quickly access specific functions or features associated with that app. Force Touch can be used to bring up context menus within apps, making it easier to access additional options without navigating through multiple screens.

It can enhance navigation within apps, allowing users to preview and interact with content more efficiently. For instance, you can preview an email without opening it fully. Force Touch can be employed for precise cursor control when typing or editing text, making it easier to move the cursor within a text field. In mobile gaming, Force Touch can add an extra layer of control by allowing players to use varying levels of pressure for different in-game actions.


Force Touch on Google Pixel 4 devices is a unique and valuable feature that adds a new dimension to user interactions with Android smartphones. By distinguishing between varying levels of pressure, it streamlines user experiences and offers quicker access to app features and shortcuts. While this technology may not be available on all Android devices, it showcases the innovation and customization possibilities that Android offers to its users.

As technology continues to evolve, Force Touch is just one example of how Android devices are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of mobile computing. For Pixel device owners, it’s a feature that enhances usability and convenience, offering a more versatile and efficient way to interact with their smartphones.

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