Foxconn increases manpower in China to meet iPhone 15 series demand

The iPhone 15 lineup of smartphones from Apple has been released worldwide, much to the anticipation of many. For the first time, the “Made in India” tag will be applied to the iPhone 15 series, as the Indian manufacturing unit has already begun producing the iPhone Pro lineup to meet the upcoming sales demand. Furthermore, the brand is expanding its production capacity in Foxconn China’s manufacturing hub to prepare for the expected high demand.

Foxconn relies on China units to fulfill the demand for the iPhone 15 series

The Chinese unit of Foxconn is the world’s largest manufacturing hub for the iPhones. But despite being the largest, the brand is unsure if it can fulfill the demand of the users.

Due to the launch of the iPhone 15, Foxconn, the biggest iPhone producer globally, is expanding its workforce. To attract new employees, they are offering signing bonuses of up to 8,000 yuan (~$1,097). The plant, known as “iPhone City,” occupies an area of 5.6 square kilometers and has a staff of approximately 200,000 people when running at full capacity. It is responsible for assembling most of the iPhones sold worldwide.

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Foxconn’s recruiting frenzy follows last year’s workforce shortages and production hiccups caused by China’s tight COVID-19 regulations. The business was obliged to temporarily close the Zhengzhou plant for several weeks, delaying the release of the iPhone 14. Foxconn is aiming to avoid a repeat of last year’s troubles this year.

There are numerous reasons behind this move by Foxconn. First of all, the increasing demand for the iPhone 15 series and their current workforce. Secondly, the competition from other brands is also increasing rapidly and hence they are supposed to extend their production workforce as soon as possible. Let’s see how they would be able to cope with the sales demand of iPhones which is expected to be on the higher side this year.


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