Google announces Gemini AI for students with extra features

Google’s own AI chatbot, the Gemini AI has been very popular nowadays. It even went through a lot of criticism because of some absurd commentary. However, Google later says that it is aware of the function and is working on the fix. Anyway, going back to our main headline, the tech giant has now announced the Gemini AI for students. It will be accessible to all the students and will have extra features compared to the normal one.

Gemini AI for students is here with added features

Google Gemini was already accessible to almost all the students. The increasing number of usage between the teens shows it clearly. However, Google now wants the students to use the new Gemini AI. The Gemini AI for students will be available to them using the official Google Workspace for education account.  The administration of these accounts or workspace will have control over whether to provide Gemini AI to the students or not.

The administration will be able to choose the number of accounts that should have access to Gemini and the number that should not.

Coming down to the extra features, Google claims that Gemini AI for students will have an added layer of security and data protection. This extra security will be provided to all the accounts for free. On top of that, data from these accounts won’t be used anywhere. In a glimpse, the data or chat generated using Gemini AI for students won’t be reviewed by anyone.

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Further, it will have some extra content restrictions to prevent the misuse of it among the students. The Gemini AI will not show inappropriate or illegal content. Before making any statement, the Gemini AI will run a double-check to ensure that the students do not get any kind of wrong information.

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