Google Phone App will be soon be able to avoid more spam calls

Google Phone or dialer app is probably the most used dialer in Android’s world. It gained immense popularity after Google made it mandatory for smartphone manufacturers to use Google’s dialer and messaging app by default. A new feature is now coming to the application that will help its users avoid spam calls. This is going to be a perfect addition to the dialer.

Google Phone App on Android gets a new feature to avoid spam calls

Almost all smartphone users are annoyed by unwanted spam calls. These spam calls are majority from the banks and gambling platforms to promote its products. The Google Phone app already has a feature called “Caller ID” that displays a caller ID of an unknown number whenever you receive a call. The feature is undoubtedly great, but the further reduce the spam calls, Google has now added a new feature to the Phone App, called “Lookup.”

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As of right now, you have to choose whether to answer an unknown caller or run the risk of missing a genuine one. You might then try manually pasting the number into Google or phone directories like Truecaller to check if any information appears if you decide not to answer.

Google Phone App Spam

However, the Lookup features solve this problem. Whenever you receive a call from an unfamiliar number, all you have to do is tap the Phone app’s Lookup icon. Instead of requiring you to manually copy and paste or move to another app, it will cause the app to automatically search for information on the number. The feature uses numerous information such as the caller’s history and activity to display the info.

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Google has started rolling out the update incrementally and hence, it may take some time to land on all the eligible smartphones. The feature seems to be a really good addition and we hope it works as intended and helps the user to reduce call spam.

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