Google Might Launch a New Foldable Smartphone in the Market Soon

The competition in the foldable smartphone market is intensifying, with major players like Samsung, Xiaomi, and Huawei dominating. OnePlus is also set to launch its own foldable smartphone, the OnePlus Open. Meanwhile, Google has already released the first generation of its foldable smartphone, the Google Pixel Fold. However, rumors suggest that a second generation will soon be released. We might start counting the days until the launch!

Google may launch a new foldable soon, codename “Comet”

The business is reportedly already working on its next foldable phone, according to a recent claim from 9to5Google. The source decompiled the most recent Google Pixel Buds app and discovered a mention of a gadget with the codename “Comet.” This item is thought to be the Pixel Fold’s replacement or a brand-new clamshell foldable phone.

It is possible that Comet’s codename does not adhere to Google’s typical naming convention for Pixel devices. For instance, the Pixel Fold was originally called “Passport,” but it was renamed “Felix” after being updated to include the Tensor G2 chip found in the Pixel 7 series.

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It is expected that the upcoming Pixel 9 series will have codenames related to reptiles, such as “Komodo” and “Caiman.” Meanwhile, the Pixel 8 series is rumored to have “Shiba” and “Husky” as codenames for the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, respectively. According to 9to5Google’s investigation into the Pixel Buds app, Comet is grouped together with the Pixel Fold and is referred to as a “fold” in the app’s code, which suggests that Comet may be a foldable phone.

Either way, the original Pixel Fold was released back in May 2023 and it has been just a few months since it was launched. So the point of launching a successor to it seems very less. This directly or indirectly hints that it could be a clamshell-type foldable smartphone rather than a full-fledged one.


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