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OnePlus Open first look out, officials claims it is best foldable device till date

The first foldable smartphone from OnePlus, the OnePlus Open will soon hit the market. In comparison to the competition, the firm took a while to release its foldable smartphone. However, they appear to have a lot of confidence in their approaching device. Because OPPO and OnePlus worked together to create this device, our expectations for it are higher than average. However, a well-known YouTuber has published a video on his channel giving us a glimpse of the design of the future device. The official spokesperson from the brand has also said something about the gadget. Read till the end to find out!

OnePlus Open will be the best foldable smartphone in the market

Known YouTuber Unbox Therapy not only gave us a glimpse of the upcoming OnePlus Open smartphone but also did a short interview with the CEO Pete Lau. Lau revealed in an interview with Unbox Therapy that the phone will have a variable go-to-market strategy, aiming to cater to different regions effectively.

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The new gadget is a technological miracle in and of itself; it’s not only about branding and strategy. According to rumors, the OnePlus Open will have a foldable display with the highest pixel density, delivering incredibly clear graphics. Additionally, compared to the Find N2, it will have a more refined hinge, making the gadget lighter and more robust.

There are many things which will make it stand out from the competition. One of which is the alert slider. If you have used any OnePlus smartphone in the past then you know how handy and useful the Alert slider is. And the brand is going to retain this on the OnePlus Open as well.

But all is not rosy. Some fans were disappointed when Lau stated during the interview that there are no imminent plans to release a flip-style phone. They had anticipated a wider variety of possibilities. But he did confirm that they have a greater plan for the future, especially for this particular market.

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