Google Pixel 9 will use an improved Tensor G3 processor

With each new Pixel phone, the company takes its hardware and software innovations one step further. Now, there are exciting developments about the new processors Google plans to use with the new Pixel 9 and Pixel 10 models. While everyone was expecting a completely custom TSMC chip in the Pixel 9, unfortunately, the Pixel 9 will use an improved version of the Tensor G3. Which is codenamed as “zumapro” and manufacted by Samsung like other Tensor chips.

Upgrade from Tensor G3 to Tensor G4

The processors used in Google’s Pixel series are known throughout the Android world for their performance and AI capabilities. We’ve yet to see the Tensor G3 processor codenamed Zuma used in the Google Pixel 8, but so far it looks like a better one is coming. Google will use the Tensor G4 processor in the new Pixel 9 model.

There is an interesting detail here, Tensor G4 is not an expected TSMC production processor. Google plans to offer the Tensor G4 as an improved version of the Tensor G3 with the code name Zumapro. This means that Tensor G4 will not be as powerful as expected. Google aims to introduce its new TSMC-produced processor with the Google Pixel 10.

It should be noted that Redondo is not yet started to development. The fact that Google has started to develop this processor probably indicates its intention to use a much more powerful processor in future Pixel models. This means that users can expect more performance and AI capabilities in future Pixel devices.


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