How to Turn off Voice Assistant on Xiaomi TV

Xiaomi TV generally uses the voice command feature which enables it to operate without using the remote buttons. Let’s see how to turn on/off the voice assistant in Xiaomi TV. Make sure that your Xiaomi TV is connected to an active wifi network because the voice assistant feature can only work when it has an internet connection.

You might see the Google Assistant option which a lot of people confuse the voice assistant with but we do not have to touch on that, the voice assistant is known as the Talkback feature under the settings section of the TV.

How to Turn off Voice Assistant on Xiaomi TV

  1. Turn on the TV and look at the top right section, you will see a settings icon along with some more other icons. Toggle on the settings icon by pressing on the left right keys on your Xiaomi TV remote and select using the ok button.
  2. After clicking on the settings icon, scroll down a little bit until you find the accessibility section and proceed to it.
    How to turn off voice assistant in Xiaomi TV
  3. After selecting, You will see a lot of options there. Look at the services section and click the Talkback option.
    Xiaomi TV Text to speech
  4. After clicking talkback, look at the option of enable. If you want to enable it, press the ok/circular button on your Xiaomi TV remote, you will see a white circular surface sliding to the right. If you want to disable it, simply press the ok/circular button again and the white circular surface will slide to the left.
    Xiaomi TV TalkBack
  5. Click on the back button several times to come out of the settings tab. Or, alternatively, you can simply press the home button as well.,

And that’s it!

If you want to change some more features, feel free to do it under the configuration section.

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